Elleebana Volume Extensions Course

Volume Lash Extension class
Volume Lash Extensions
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Elleebana Volume Extensions Course

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Two Day Course Overview:

For over two decades, Elleebana has been recognized among the industry leaders in eyelash perming, lash lifting, lash and brow lamination, coloring, shaping, and in more recent years, offering comprehensive Beginner’s Lash Extensions and Advanced Lash courses.  It is with this experience and know-how that we proudly bring you the Elleebana Lash Extensions Beginner’s Volume Course.  This course is suited to the intermediate or experienced Classic Lash Extensions Technician and teaches the student the art of Russian Volume eyelash extensions, which shows techniques on how to create more volume by adding multiple eyelash extensions to one natural lash, giving your client a fuller and more dramatic set of eyelash extensions.  The art of volume eyelash extensions requires practice and is very specialized, but once you master the application and techniques many clients prefer having volume extensions compared to classic extensions.  This course is run over two consecutive days and includes product to the value of $378, a comprehensive and incredible instruction manual, and each attendee receives a certificate of completion.Students are required to provide two models (one on each day).Students should have a minimum of 6 months experience of classic lash extensions application.



• Micro Brushes

• Micropore Tape

• I-Type Tweezer

• L-Foot Tweezer

• Curved Tip Tweezer

• Doe Foot Applicators

• Lash Rinse Bottle

• Adhesive Stickers

• D 0.07 Mixed Tray

• C 0.05 Mixed Tray

• C 0.07 Mixed Tray

• B 0.07 Mixed Tray

• Power Bond Clear 5ml Adhesive

• Elleebana Primer

• Elleebana Adhesive Remover

• Elleebana Makeup Remover 30ml

• Master Lash Palette

• Eye Pads

• Elleebana Lash Bag

• Makeup Sponges

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