Elleeplex Re-Gen Next Gen

    The Plant Based Alternative to Keratin Treatments

    This innovative protection system is a cohesive solution packed with soy amino acids and additional pure amino acids, which are carefully selected to mimic the functional ratios in commercial human hair amino acids. The Re-GEN Next Gen formula also contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, flower extracts, bark extracts, root extracts and fruit extracts essential for optimal lash health. Utilizing a cysteamine HCL active and containing no thioglycolate allows for gentle and effective lamination results which minimizes the chance of over processing. A synergistic system that incorporates the Regen Next Gen system to boost hydration and strength in the lashes and brows and achieve optimal results. 

    Last up to 8 weeks, with reduced chance of irregular grow out. Fast treatment and processing time, minimal maintenance, easy to use single use sachets. Suitable for brow lamination (allows you to straighten brow hairs with confidence for clients that have unruly or downward growing eyebrow hair. Strengthens, hydrates and protects. 


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    Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination Starter Kit
    Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination Full Kit
    Elleeplex Profusion Step 2 Setting Lotion 10 Pack
    Elleeplex Profusion Step 1 Lift 10 pack
    Elleeplex Profusion Lash & Brow Lamination Refills
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    2 in 1 Tint Mixing Dish
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    Elleebana Lash and Brow Primer
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