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    Award Winning Eyelash Extensions and Superior Adhesives

    Elleebana’s superior eyelash extensions and adhesives are produced to the highest safety standards and are exclusively made for Elleebana. We offer a wide variety of Eyelash Extensions made of high quality PBT fiber, 2D, 3D, offering you all the variety for classic, hybrid, Russian volume, mega volume and everything in between. Our lashes range from 0.05mm – 0.20mm in thickness and 6mm – 14mm in length which come in our customized lash trays in mixed or individual lengths. For best results and the ultimate “on fleek” lashes, we recommend Elleebana ISO approved, medical-grade adhesive. All our eyelash adhesives have been thoroughly tested for retention, flexibility, viscosity and most importantly customer safety for the use of eyelash extensions. Please note, eyelash extensions are a professional, in-salon only treatment. Ensuring you are trained in the most up-to-date techniques and safety procedures is imperative to successful lashing, happy clients and prosperous business.


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    Power Bond Adhesive - 4 - 5 weeks staying power
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    Lash Extensions- B Curl
    Lash Extensions- C Curl
    Lash Extensions- CC Curl
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    Lash Extensions D Curl
    Lash Extensions L Curl
    Elleebana Makeup Remover
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    Elleebana Lash and Brow Primer
    Master lash palette
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    Elleebana Eye Pads
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    Elleebana Adhesive Stickers
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    Disposable microbrushes
    Lash Drying Fans - Elleebana