Elleeplex Regen Next Gen

Elleeplex Regen Next Gen

Elleeplex Regen Next Gen

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Elleebana’s Next Gen 2.0 formula is a new cream based formula, which offers an in salon deep conditioning treatment for lashes and brows. This new formula can be mixed directly into the new Elleeplex Profusion Tints as well as the setting lotion of the  Elleeplex Profusion Lamination system. This not only minimizes service time, it also offers a great moisture boost to your clients lashes and brows, maximizing their overall health between treatments.  

20ml per tube 

 Included in the Elleeplex Pro Fusion Kits! 




This is replacing the original ReGen- NextGen formula 

There is a QR Code on the ReGen box with instructions.

These key improvements to the formulation involve:



  • The addition of Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 and Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 in a proprietary blend with amino acids Serine, Threonine and Arginine – these peptides and amino acid formulations help to stimulate keratin production and assist in lengthening, strengthening and giving more volume to lash and brows.  The clinical trials have showcased that hair is strengthened by 21% and elasticity by 18% after a chemical treatment.
  • The unique addition of BIS-4 PCA Dimethicone into our ReGEN Next Gen allows “Powerbond technology” within the eyelash or eyebrow and helps to work with molecules within the hair shaft restoring the disulphide bonds and hydrogen bonding of the hair during and after chemical services.  This revolutionary ingredient also helps to restore the natural hydrophobicity of the lashes which is lost during the lifting or lamination process or during other chemical services such as coloring.
  • The product continues to contain our brilliant 8 plant extracts, and Vitamins Panthenol and Biotin again all with lash and brow hair health in the forefront of the products development.
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Elleeplex Regen Next Gen