Why I Chose Elleebana

*EDIT- I originally wrote this post a year and a half ago, and in relaunching the site, i am having to restart my blog.  I lost a lot of my content in the transition, but this one was saved… and i am so glad.  
Everything I love about Elleebana has only grown with time.
 I can still stand by every single word I wrote.
thanks for reading 🖤
You know that saying, "Good things come to those who wait."?
This was 100 percent worth the wait.
I will start by stating that this post is very much about my personal experience, how I ended up where I am. The majority of my blogs on this site will be much more about products, lashes, brows, business, or topics connected directly with the aforementioned. But this one is a little more personal.
I have been in the industry for over half my life, but I grew up within a cosmetology household, meaning my career in the aesthetic industry truly began when I was a child.
(guess which child is me?)
Through my career, I have been blessed to work on the education and the wholesale/retail sides of the salon and beauty industry. I have been with small businesses and large scale corporations. I’ve worked by
myself and within a team of 300. I’ve worked with a single brand and I have worked with stores that carry 200+ brands. I’ve even worked in outside sales AND inside sales. Over the years, I discovered a thing or two about myself and how I enjoy working, along with things that are absolute dealbreakers for me. Work makes up at least half to 2/3 of the normal waking hours of a human, so I believe to the core of my being that loving what you do is a very important decision in life. I recently went from being partnered with an affiliated distributor to partnering with a team
of both Elleebana distributors and educators, and I have had a few people question why I made that decision. It’s simple, really. Through all of the different roles I have had, I have been most successful when I worked with a single brand focus, and I needed to do exactly that. I wanted to streamline and simplify where I was putting my energy. I needed to pull back from looking at multiple brands and focus on the one I felt most connected to. The one that synchronized with my drive, my ethics, my love for the industry.
Regardless of how large or small a company has been, they always have “growing pains” or stagnate at some point. It takes a very well balanced team to keep a good ship sailing.
Here are some of the reasons I have seen colleagues fall out of love with the companies they were working with/for. With these issues in the back of my mind, I am always a little shy to take on new partnerships or alliances with brands and businesses.
  • Employees or leadership being checked out
  • Lack of follow through from counterparts
  • Unclear directives and marketing structures
  • Poor/ cheap packaging
  • quality control
  • Lack of accountability
  • Lack of humility or gratitude from leadership
  • Lack of communication between different parts of an organization
  • disjointed or poorly organized training courses/education manuals
I am so passionate about this industry and education. It is the main drive behind why I get up every dayand either jump onto my computer to correspond in the online support/emails, or suit up into my scrubs and head in to the studio. I am driven to create  new projects… being productive is just who I am deep down in my gut. I love working. I love learning. I love sharing ideas and seeing people be successful.
I had first attempted to join Elleebana’s training team nearing 8 years ago, when there was a different distributor that was handling the majority of the US. It was a bit of a wild goose chase, having my inquiries forwarded from one faceless email address to another…. Eventually I gave up, seeing that there were so many “educators” already on board. Then, about a two plus years ago, this changed…. Elleebana split was with the previous distributors and a new Elleebana USA distribution was set up headed up by a team of two incredible women. A fellow trainer I knew was joining their team, and I couldn’t wait to see if the door was opening for my chance. And it was!
Elleebana USA delivered.
The interview process to be with this brand was so refreshing. Intense, even, and I think that this is with good reason.  This is a company that is authentic about their goals and products.
I had spent a lot of time doing research on the science behind lash lifting and brow lifts... TGA vs CHC, proteins, peptides, vitamins... (I’m a bit of a science geek, I find it all utterly fascinating). THIS ELLEEBANA MANUAL. Everything I had started to write notes on, everything in my little black book that I planned to put into a future manual, it was all here. Not only are all of their manuals detailed down to the molecular imaging and explanation of reduction, but the photos and diagrams are lovely.
There is accountability with this brand. A buddy system with a network of Elleebana family. I'm a trainer, with a lifeline to a master trainer, who has a network of master trainers working in conjunction with the USA head office, which connects back to HQ in Australia.
This is a TEAM. I have never had to wait more than 24 hours to get an answer on a question. We support each other, troubleshoot with students, and share resources when necessary.
There is forward thinking with this brand. Looking at their ingredient listings, it was found that sodium bromate was going to be outlawed by some areas. Elleebana replaced it with Hydrogen Peroxide without compromising the product’s results.
There are ethics with this brand. Their new profusion line is vegan friendly, with an alternative to keratin strengthening in the form if a product called Re-Gen. The product line is created with the needs of the stylist in mind. Sachets to preserve product shelf life and efficacy, after care products to maximize results. Certified Stylists also have online group resources with multiple trainers checking questions on the regular.
This is a brand I admire, with a team I can look up to.
So, here I am, having fallen in love with a product over 10 years ago, and I can finally say as a Certified Trainer, “I chose to align with Elleebana for so very many reasons.. almost too many to count.”