Polymorph Brow Mapping Artistry

You may have seen this course on the online offerings and wondered, "what is that one about?" There are so many classes on brows, lamination, henna, sugaring, threading, shaping…when looking to create the new modules for Polymorph, why would I create another class that focuses solely on mapping?  
Well, it's simple. Many of these classes focus on the specific technique used in the service but spend very little time speaking to face symmetry, facial features, or corrective work.  Let’s face it, every face is different and beautiful in its own way, but our anatomy doesn’t always square up exactly the way we would like.  
Our ideal is to create perfectly balanced brows.  But brows are sisters, never twins, and sometimes they can be shaped a bit more to resemble distant cousins.  While utilizing tools such as calipers and rulers can create “perfect” symmetry, it may not fit the actual face they belong to.  Freehand work can also be a wonderful way to crate beautiful and balanced brows, but some of us do not possess the eye or experience to immediately take on any brow that might walk through  our  door.  
Funnily enough, I find the most basic of all brow services is the one that stresses out estheticians the most- the brow wax. And for good reason! Most of us have brow PTSD from some kind of experience where we had our brows taken from us... maybe it was a girl friend in beauty school, maybe an esthetician who didn't do a consultation.... maybe it was.... gasp... self inflicted while under the influence!
So I created a course, to simplify the steps to brow mapping, which can be used universally for any eyebrow service. This course will be offered as a hands on course in our Santa Barbara location as of this fall of 2022.
It is now live and available online, but we will continue to add to it as our course expands. At the moment, it includes all basic mapping but expanded topics and videos will be focused on trimming, precision and speed waxing, paste application, and expanded styling.
I am also always curious to know what students are struggling with or looking to hear about, so feel free to always reach out with requests!